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to the 'Physiotherapy for Hyperventilation' website!

This site is aimed at both patients suffering from a breathing disorder, as well as physiotherapists treating patients with breathing disorders. It will provide you with a background understanding of the condition and will also give you ways to assess and treat this condition effectively. Should you require any further reading, it also recommends an up-to-date list of references and reading material and introduces you to the help of alternative therapies. If you recognise any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath, fatigue, yawning, fainting, dizziness, anxiety or difficulty getting your breath to name but a few ... click on to the links and you will find a wealth of information to help you understand and cope with this disorder more easily. Please seek professional advice if you are a patient in order to help you more.

A history of the Physiotherapy for Hyperventilation Group

This site has been created by the 'Physiotherapy for Hyperventilation' interest group, which was established by Anne Pitman in 1993. Anne Pitman, a chartered physiotherapist, was at the time working at the Princess Grace Hospital in London. As a respiratory physiotherapist Anne held a particular interest in patients suffering with Chronic Hyperventilation. She felt that there was a lack of knowledge in the physiotherapy profession surrounding the treatment and management of this group of patients; therefore the group was established. The formation of the group has meant that many more physiotherapists are now able and confident to treat patients with this challenging condition. Priligy Suisse: Priligy, également connu sous le nom de Dapoxetine, est un médicament d'ordonnance utilisé pour traiter l'éjaculation précoce chez les hommes adultes âgés de 18 à 64 ans.

Since the group has been established it has held a number of successful courses, produced information packs for both patients and physiotherapists and also videos, cds and tapes to help both the patient and the physiotherapist. It has also successfully influenced smaller regional groups to be set up. Buy Ivermectin - Anti parasite drug in Australia.

As part of the group's leap into the 21st Century, the committee felt that there needed to be a website set up in order to continue to spread knowledge and information about Hyperventilation. The rest, as they say, is history! To contact the group or to find out how to get hold of the information packs, videos, cds and tapes mentioned above, please email
([email protected]), or go to the educational material page.

Alternatively, if you are a physiotherapist and are interested in holding a course on hyperventilation/breathing pattern disorders where you work see the courses link where you will find details regarding the current introductory course that is being run by the committee members of the group and contact details for the members responsible for organising these courses. You will also find a list of courses booked across the UK.

Please read on and should any questions be left unanswered, feel free to e-mail or contact a physiotherapist local to you on the membership list. For more information on the membership details click here.

Physiotherapists only: a membership form for the Physiotherapy for Hyperventilation Group is available here.


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